Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Austria

Welcome to Uzbekistan

We invite you to visit sunny Uzbekistan and become our guest! A colorful country with its hospitable, sincere and honest people, rich history and outstanding remains of earlier civilizations’ culture and art that go back several thousands of years. You will receive memorable visit to the world-renowned cities - Samarkand Oriental pearls, noble Bukhara, fabulous Khiva, the capital of warmth of friendship Tashkent, the heart of the Golden Valley Fergana, the ancient center of Buddhism in Termez

Partners Tourism

We hope that travel to Uzbekistan with our partner agencies will be full of positive impressions. You may choose one of the Uzbekistan tour partners who will present and create an exclusive tour.

Articles about Uzbekistan


The more fragrant, the more delicious: the secret of uzbek cuisine?

Uzbek cuisine is unthinkable without the aromatic herbs and spices, creating a whirlwind fragrant, even over the most common dish
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Music from the past: unique patterns of Maqom

They say the most universal language is the language of music. Coming from time immemorial, it inexplicably embodied the strength of the people, building and ennobling the soul. Among the peoples of the Ancient East this spiritualized beginning is inherent in traditional classical music-vocal genre - "maqom".
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What secrets are kept by the Uzbek skullcaps?

In Uzbekistan the skullcap is part of a national costume. However today, this element of a headdress became popular and among women of fashion of the capital. Often a skullcap is combined with modern clothes adding into the image a bright, national detail.
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