Visa for Transit

Visa for Transit

Applicants have to come personally to collect their visas.

Before approaching the Consular Section prepare all documents required:

1.Copy of the letter of invitation from inviting partners in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

2.Properly completed and signed visa application form (application form  at

3. Copies of pages of the Passport

4. One passport-sized photograph, attached to the application form.

5. Valid Passport. Must have at least one blank page to stick the visa and be valid three months longer than visa.

6. Consular Fees. To be paid on collection only (please refer to the Consular Fees section for more details).

7. Incomplete visa applications are not accepted.

8. A personal interview with an applicant may be required. In case of refusal for entry visa to Uzbekistan, the Consular Section of the Embassy reserves the right to provide no explanation.

9. If you are traveling through Uzbekistan to another country on transit, you need to have transit visa to Uzbekistan. In additional to requirements mentioned above applicants must provide visa and air ticket of their final or transit destination.

The information contained herein may be subject to alteration without notice. No liability can be accepted by the Consular Section for the consequences of any such alterations.

Bank account for consular and visa fees:

Bank Austria 

  • Kontonummer: 50382004000 
  • BLZ: 12000
  • IBAN: AT631200050382004000  

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