Uzbekistan has made significant progress in the implementation of international labour standards

Seminars were devoted to conduct of international and national experts’ forthcoming analysis of system measures of ministries, departments and organizations on implementation of ILO fundamental conventions.

In this regard, in the course of events the experts have discussed the goals, objectives, structure, scope and principles of analysis of system of measures on implementation of ILO fundamental conventions, international and national commitments of Uzbekistan in the field of prevention of forced child labour, tools, technology and practical aspects of assessment process, Action in this direction undertaken by the ministries, agencies and NGOs of our country. Particular attention was paid to information campaigns and improving the feedback mechanisms with the public.

The meeting participants received detailed information on cooperation between Uzbekistan, International Labour Organization and World Bank in the implementation of fundamental rights of workers, including prevention of forced child labour.

It was noted that International Labour Organization has recognized the absence of child labour in our country and the effectiveness of the measures taken to manage the risks of this phenomenon. ILO considers Uzbekistan as a country that has achieved progress in the full implementation of the fundamental conventions of the organization.

In order to ensure the sustainability of achieved results and further improvement of work in this direction is planned to study reflection level of ILO conventions requirements in the systemic activity of the ministries, departments and civil institutions. In this regard, in July and August of this year, our country will be visited by international experts, who together with Uzbek specialists will examine the effectiveness of the work done at national and local levels.

As a result of the seminars 7 groups of experts have been formed for detailed analysis of the system of measures taken in Uzbekistan in this direction.

Jahon Information Agency