The atmosphere of Navruz reigns in “Dilbuloq” mahalla

This year, in “Dilbuloq” mahalla of Yakkasaray district in Tashkent, the Navruz holiday is celebrated with a particular mood. Based on a public-private partnership, a modern building for citizens’ assembly was built here. The entrances of multi-storey buildings, internal streets, and basements were repaired. The canal bank has been cleaned and turned into a beautiful walking area. Flower beds, trees, and walking paths gave the mahalla a unique look.

Last fall, almost 4 thousand trees and shrubs were planted as part of the nationwide “Yashil Makon” (Green Space) project. These days, basil and hesperis are planted in front of apartment buildings.

More than 6.7 thousand people live in “Dilbuloq” mahalla. The mahalla specializes in services and production. There are almost 300 trade and service points and industrial facilities where local youth and women work. There is a preschool education institution, a family clinic, a specialized sports school, and a branch of the pedagogical institute.

Based on the “Safe Mahalla” principle, 360 video surveillance cameras were installed in the district and connected to the office of the Mahalla prevention inspector.

Last year, 112 people were employed, and 181 citizens became self-employed. Loans were allocated for 23 projects and subsidies for almost ten citizens to attract the population to entrepreneurship. In particular, a sewing workshop, a beauty salon, printing and computer services centers, a library, and food and confectionery stores have been created here.

The Head of state inspected these complexes and held sincere conversations with residents of the mahalla.

“First of all, I congratulate you on the holidays, the upcoming Navruz. I am glad to see improvement, jobs and a festive atmosphere in your mahalla. Why do I visit places often? Because I believe in people. We must strive for such changes in all mahallas. There are 9,450 mahallas in our country, and 585 in Tashkent. Now we are organizing a system that will connect economic complexes with mahallas. Our goal is to reach every home, every person”, the President said.

Targeted measures were considered during the discussion with the “mahalla of seven” and responsible persons.

“As you know, we assign organizations of the economic complex to mahallas. There is also a role for banks here. They must participate in creating additional conditions for enterprises in the districts, provide them with preferential loans, and support the creation of new jobs. Now, mahallas must correspond to the times and be energetic. In general, we need to create conditions for everyone who wants to work”, the Head of state said.

Responsible persons reported on the activities of the economic complex in mahallas and the tasks of ensuring employment in the city.