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Jizzax Plastmassa JSC

The factory is located in the south-eastern part of Jizzax City. The plant was designed in the sixties and was put into operation in 1972. In terms of output the plant ranked second among the four largest plants of the USSR. For most of its history the plant remained the main supplier of film and pipes for the agricultural and construction sectors in Uzbekistan.

Short description

Location: Republic of Uzbekistan, Jizzax Region, Jizzax City
Area: 14,9 ha
Shares of State: 61,04%
The amount of investment: 1.5M USD
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Jizzax Plastmassa JSC was established in 1972. First polyethylene pipes were obtained in 1972. In March 1976 — 1978 was launched production of PE film of various thickness and wide range of consumer products.

The Order of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan #425k- PO dated 18.06.1996 transformed Jizzax Plastics Plant to Jizzax Plastmassa OJSC.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On amendments and complements to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On joint-stock companies and protection of shareholders’ rights” dated 06.05.2014 #370 was changed the organisational-legal form of the enterprise — Jizzax Plastmassa Joint-Stock Company

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 28.04.2015 #2340 “On measures to increase the share and value of private property in the economy”, in order to promote foreign investment, dramatically increase the level and the role of private property in the national economy by deepening the processes of privatisation and sale to private investors, primarily to foreign ones, of the state’s share of assets in the authorised capitals of enterprises and on this basis to ensure the modernisation and technological renovation of production, organisation of production of competitive on the domestic and external markets products, Jizzax Plastmassa JSC is approved the list of joint-stock companies in which the share of state and economic management bodies is to be sold to strategic foreign investors.

Implementation of the projects will increase the volume and range of polymer products manufactured by the enterprise, reduce energy consumption and thus reduce production costs of Jizzax Plastmassa JSC’s goods. In the context of increasing consumption of polymer products due to increased construction and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems of the country, the implementation of the above- mentioned projects by of modernisation and replacement of morally and physically obsolete equipment is of great importance in the development of Jizzax Plastmassa JSC and the entire chemical industry of the state.

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