Bukhoro Real Moto to launch the second stage of a project

On August 10, during a visit to Bukhara region, the President of Uzbekistan got acquainted with the development of the economy and the life of mahallas and launched new enterprises.

Among them is Bukhoro Real Moto in Karaulbazar district.

– We will undoubtedly justify the trust of the Head of state, – says the head of the company, Sohibjon Sulaymonov. – We are planning to mobilize all our capabilities and bring the products of Bukhoro Real Moto under the LOCHIN brand to the world market. The confidence of the President has become a powerful motivation for us.

The Bukhoro Real Moto, which has been operating in Karaulbazar district of Bukhara region for five years, has produced three-wheeled motorcycles for transporting goods under the LOCHIN brand. Having expanded production, they began to produce motor cultivators and ATVs. In the first years, the project’s initiators carried out reconstruction work in the buildings and facilities of the enterprise for 2 billion UZS. With the participation of foreign investors, the workshops were equipped with modern innovative technological equipment worth $700 thousand.

All processes at the manufacturing plant are automated. At present, when the demand for cargo motorcycles is increasing, great opportunities are opening up for Bukhoro Real Moto.

Our idea is confirmed by the fact that the demand for alternative types of freight transport is increasing in mahallas and villages. They are superior to large-sized equipment for transporting agricultural products and field and agricultural work and consume less fuel.

Until now, cargo motorcycles were mainly imported from abroad for foreign currency, but this is unnecessary. Motorcycles LOCHIN have a carrying capacity of more than a ton and differ from imported ones at an affordable price. This is very important for dehkans and farms. In the region, cargo motorcycles are issued based on credit funds to ensure the income of families needing social protection and unemployed citizens. The enterprise management plans to expand its activities, considering the market’s requirements, to develop marketing.

The potential supply of raw materials to the labor collective, numbering 250 workers and specialists, is sufficient.

At present, 2,000 units of cargo motorcycles are produced here every month, and the products are consistently sold and delivered to customers. For example, products worth $1 million were sold to the neighboring Republic of Tajikistan, while the retail price of cargo motorcycles ranges from 23 to 45 million UZS.

– Now we are on the verge of launching the second stage of our project, – says the founder of Bukhoro Real Moto LLC Sadijon Vakhobov. – We intend to expand the activities of the workshops and create another 250 new jobs. Currently, our employees receive wages from 3 to 10 million UZS. In the future, we plan to maintain high incomes for employees.

The total production value of the enterprise is $30 million, of which 10 million are soft loans provided by Turon Bank. If you pay attention to the company’s volume of work for the past period of this year, it turns out that products worth 170 billion UZS are produced.

– In the coming months, we will master the design of vehicles powered by electricity, – says the head of the company, Sohibjon Sulaymonov. – In this direction, a preliminary agreement has been reached with China. If we implement this project by 2025, we will become one of the competitive market players. We are already taking the first steps in this direction. To stabilize the plant’s activities and meet the electricity demand, a solar power plant with a capacity of 500 kW is being built.