XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair on 12-13 October 2016

In accordance with the resolution of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov from June 8, 2016, “On measures on organization and holding of the XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair”, Tashkent will host the XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair on 12-13 October, this year.

The International Cotton Association (ICA), the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), the International Agency “Cotton Outlook” and the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) regularly cooperate with our country in the organization of this international event.

This year, the fair will be organized by the holding company “Uzpahtasanoateksport”, joint-stock company “O’zbekyengilsanoat”, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Commodity Exchange (UZEX), Uzbek Centre for Certification of Cotton Fibre “SIFAT” and other structures.

For the first time organized on the initiative of the First President of our country in 2005, the fair has evolved into an authoritative international forum in the field of cotton and textile industry.

Referring to the results of previous fairs, it can be seen that the set targets have been achieved. The fair attracted leading manufacturers in the world, contributes to the further development of market mechanisms in selling cotton fiber and realization of textile products, the strengthening of ties between the producers of Uzbekistan and foreign partners.

The main activities of the International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair will be held in the exhibition hall of UzExpoCentre. It is expected that in the course of conferences and meetings, the leading representatives of the world cotton and textile market will discuss issues on cotton production in Uzbekistan and abroad, extending trade and investment cooperation, and a number of cooperation agreements will be signed.

If the first fair was attended by representatives from 170 companies and enterprises of 30 countries of the world, this year bout two thousand representatives from more than 45 countries are expected to arrive.

Uzbekistan is known in the world market not only as a manufacturer of high quality industrial cotton fiber, but also as its reliable supplier. According to the holding company “Uzpahtasanoateksport”, the cotton-ginning firms are consistently modernized, and innovations are introduced in the production. The particular attention is paid to the creation of electronic reporting and monitoring system for the entire process, from the reception of cotton-fiber, its processing, and storage prior to its implementation. At the cotton-ginning factories are successfully implemented modernization projects, which allowed sharply increasing production capacity and improving fiber quality.

One of the priority directions of the reforms implemented in the industry is the development of deep processing of raw materials, and the increase in production volume with high added value. For this purpose, to the industry are attracted foreign investments, many modern enterprises are built every year. Currently, Uzbekistan has a total capacity of processing 44 per cent of cotton grown.

Today, many enterprises of light industry are united under the joint stock company “O’zbekyengilsanoat”. Manufactured modern quality clothing under the brand “Made in Uzbekistan” are exported to 45 countries. The International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair perform the role of an important business area. With a view to further development of the industry, for the modernization work in the years 2015-2020 are allocated 1 billion dollars.

Representatives of different countries with the developed light and textile industry, on October 12-13, will gather once again in Tashkent. The International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair will promote the development of market mechanisms of cotton fiber export, further strengthening the ties between manufacturers of Uzbekistan and foreign partners.

(Source: UzA)