The rules of entry to uzbekistan in the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic

Based on the protocols of the Republican Special Commission for the preparation of an action plan for the prevention and spread of coronavirus in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports informs that:

– when entering the country by air or rail from August 25, 2021, arrivals are required to provide only a certificate of passing the PCR test for coronavirus (within the last 72 hours) with a negative result before registering air or rail links for arrival in Uzbekistan;

– when visiting Uzbekistan by air and rail, the order of entry is maintained without any restrictions with a vaccination certificate recognized internationally in the fight against coronavirus infection or with a certificate of the presence of antibodies against coronavirus infection in the blood, established by the protocol of the Special Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Also, when entering the Republic of Uzbekistan through automobile border checkpoints, a procedure has been established according to which persons entering the republic through automobile border checkpoints undergo express testing for the antigen of coronavirus infection at their own expense and will be admitted to the territory countries only in case of providing a certificate with a negative result.

Regardless of whether a visitor has a certificate of a negative PCR test result, persons entering through automobile border checkpoints receive a rapid coronavirus infection antigen test at border checkpoints at their own expense.

With a positive result of an express test for coronavirus infection, foreign citizens and stateless persons are not allowed into the Republic of Uzbekistan, with the exception of foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in our country.

If a positive result is detected on rapid testing for the antigen of coronavirus infection, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan and stateless persons permanently residing in Uzbekistan who enter the republic through automobile border checkpoints are placed for treatment in medical institutions located in the relevant territory.

In Uzbekistan, there is a mandatory procedure for wearing medical masks, maintaining social distance and disinfection in the field.