President of uzbekistan shavkat mirziyoyev has approved a program of heat supply system development for 2018-2022


As noted in the document, the centralized heating system in the republic was built in 1950-1970 according to the scheme of open water withdrawal and dependent connection of heating systems of buildings to the heating networks. Low-cost in terms of installation, but expensive in operation, such systems are featured by short service life of the internal heating system and pipelines of heating networks, high operating costs in terms of heat production, transportation and consumption, excess water consumption and thermal energy, accordingly.

Due to largely deteriorated boiler equipment and networks, the existing heat supply system does not ensure the optimal loading of heat sources, which adversely affects both the operation of the heat supply organizations, and provision of heat and hot water supply services to consumers.

Certain measures should change this situation in the republic. The head of state has approved specifications for the upgrade and reconstruction of central and local boiler houses, heating networks, construction of energy efficient boiler houses, application of solar plants, installation of individual in-apartment heat supply systems, as well as comprehensive measures on the development of the heat supply system for 2018-2022.

The effective and timely implementation of the program was entrusted to Ministry of Housing and Utility Services, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional municipalities and Tashkent municipality.

The program will be funded by 1.7 trillion soums of the government budget, funds of private homeowners ‘associations, the Housing and Utility Services Development Fund, loans of commercial banks and other sources.

The program also provides for the development of town-planning standards and rules to estimate the energy efficiency of local boiler houses, individual inter-apartment heat supply systems, and design facilities with solar collectors.

As of January 1, 2018, it is also envisaged to organize a domestic manufacture of energy-efficient local boiler houses and individual in-apartment heat supply systems under the ‘Program on localization of production of finished products, components and materials’ on the basis of industrial cooperation.

An important factor is expected to ensure the effective implementation of abovementioned initiatives – the head of state released the components and materials, which are imported within the framework of the program, from customs payments by January 1, 2023.

Author: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper