Narzullo Oblomurodov: “Environmental protection and improvement of the ecological situation is a priority task”

Presidential candidate of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan Narzullo Oblomurodov met with Karakalpakstan voters in Muynak.

The candidate’s authorized person in the Republic of Karakalpakstan Leyla Seitova informed about the biography and pre-election program of Narzullo Oblomurodov.

The Presidential candidate highlighted the work carried out by the Ecological Party in improving the standard of living of the population of the Aral Sea region, strengthening people’s health, eliminating environmental problems.

It was noted that global climate change, air temperature rise, drying of the Aral Sea, desertification, repetition of negative meteorological processes, irrational use of land and water resources, reduction of biodiversity, deterioration of the gene pool of flora and fauna, accumulation of large amounts of industrial and household waste have led to the emergence of global and regional environmental problems.

These problems are even more reflected against the background of global climate change, and therefore environmental protection and improvement of the ecological situation are priorities in Uzbekistan.

It is necessary to develop and implement a state policy aimed at uniting all the forces of society to improve the environmental situation, solve emerging problems and ensure economic growth.

The Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, which entered the political arena of the country as a new political force and for the first time nominated a presidential candidate, can carry out this high mission.

The main goal of the party, which adheres to the motto “We are responsible for the future”, is to create decent living conditions and wellbeing for the people and future generations by ensuring environmental stability in the country, rational use of natural resources, and the introduction of the principles of green development in all spheres of the economy.