Constructive suggestions taken into account

At the regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis taken place on August 14-15, 2017, the deputies have considered a number of draft laws developed within the framework of the realization of the Strategy for Actions.

Legal acts that were included in the agenda were discussed earlier at meetings of political party factions, a group of deputies from the eco-movement, committees and expert groups working with them.

During the meeting, the people’s deputies stressed that today there is an increase in the political activity of citizens which is manifested in the growth of their interest in the activities of representative bodies of power. And one of the main principles of the activity of the parliament is the consideration of public opinion which is achieved by establishing and maintaining constant feedback with the voters and population.

Therefore, new, more effective mechanisms are being introduced. So, following the results of the previous meeting, the most relevant draft laws were posted for discussion on the official web site of the lower house of the parliament. As a result, proposals were received that were taken into account in improving the draft laws.

The deputies began their work with an paragraph-by- paragraph discussion of the draft law “On the authorized representative to protect the rights and legitimate interests of business entities under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “. As part of its preparation for the second reading, about 1,400 opinions, proposals and recommendations were received from entrepreneurs, experts, specialists, representatives of civil society institutions, ordinary citizens in the process of public discussion. All of them were discussed in detail by the expert commission acting under the Committee on democratic institutions, non-governmental organizations and self-governing bodies of citizens, as well as at the meeting of the Legislative Chamber.

The main objective of this bill is to strengthen the guarantees of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of business entities, to prevent unjustified interference of state bodies and other organizations in their work, to determine the legal mechanisms for the business ombudsman.

Then the parliamentarians discussed the draft law “On protecting children from information that is harmful to their health”. Member of the Committee on information and communication technologies R. Kusherbayev noted that during the finalization of the draft law, the deputies analyzed proposals received, many of which were constructive. In particular, the proposal of the citizen G.Bobokulova concerning the inclusion of healthcare institutions in the system of bodies and institutions that protect children from information that is harmful to their health is taken into account. The deputies stressed that this document was elaborated taking into account the experience of developed democratic countries and international treaties in the field of protecting the morality and well-being of children in need of special protection, keeping the younger generation from harmful information. Also there was taken into account the experience of the countries of the European Union, in particular, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Lithuania, as well as the US, Japan and other states.

Constructive proposals and recommendations were also received on the bill “On the dissemination of legal information and access to it”. It should be noted that all proposals were carefully studied by deputies in preparation for the meeting.

The people’s representatives discussed in the second reading the draft law “On amendments and additions to the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On applications of individuals and legal entities”. It was noted that in the Year of dialogue with the people and of human interests under the leadership of the head of state, tremendous work was carried out to improve the procedure for the consideration of citizens’ appeals by public authorities and management. The amendments and additions are designed to strengthen the legal framework in the sphere and ensure quality work in this direction in the following years.

Also in the second reading, the draft law “On elections to the District Kengashes of People’s Deputies of the City of Tashkent” was considered. The deputies noted that it was developed in order to create the legislative basis for the forthcoming elections to the district Kengashes of People’s Deputies of the city of Tashkent which will be conducted in the third decade of December this year. In turn, the restoration of the once abolished regional Kengashes of people’s deputies of the capital promotes a more rational, targeted implementation of the budget policy, taking into account the specifics of each district of Tashkent.

Author: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper