The International Exhibition UzCharmExpo "Leather, Footwear, Clothing & Accessories" and International Exhibition MaxsusExpo "Industrial safety and labor protectoin footwear and clothing" Exposition is a unique opportunity for leather producers, distributors and trading companies from Europe, Asia and the CIS to showcase their latest products and build up new business contacts.

The only event of its kind in Uzbekistan, UzCharmExpo is showcasing:


  • Women
  • Men
  • Children
  • Sports
  • Rubber and Felt
  • Special and Orthopaedic
  • World Brands’ Latest Collections


  • Apparel
  • Gloves
  • Accessories
  • Sports Equipment
  • Car Accessories and Upholstery
  • Components
  • Book Bindings
  • Other

Fur and Sheepskin

  • Fur Coats, Cloaks, Neckpieces and Vests
  • Fur Caps
  • Fur Gloves and Mittens
  • Sheepskin Coats

Safety Clothing

  • Coveralls
  • Fabric and Materials for Special Clothing
  • Safety Boots
  • Protective Equipment
  • Sheepskin Coats

To ensure maximum attendance, we shall run a massive promotional campaign, sending free tickets, placing ads in the media, putting billboards on Tashkent’s main streets, and doing phone marketing.

As the capital of Uzbekistan, Central Asia’s most populous country, Tashkent is the region’s largest city with a population of over three million. This enables the Expo to connect more businesses and build surer trade between the region’s leather companies. It is also a great chance for local companies to make their debut on an international trade platform.

We welcome you for the International ‘Leather, Footwear, Clothing & Accessories’ Exposition.