This Regulation on holding the International Festival of Fine and Applied Arts (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) defines the main goals, conditions for participation in the festival, stages of organizing and holding, places and date of the Festival:


1. The Main Provisions

1) The organizers of the Festival of Fine and Applied Arts are the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and other government departments. The Festival held annually in April in the Republic of Uzbekistan and has an international status.

The main events of the festival will be organized in the city of Tashkent, as well as in the regional centers of Uzbekistan. For the preparation and holding of the Festival in the regions, as well as the Republic of Karakalpakstan, committees will be formed.


2) Goals and objectives of the Festival:

• Support for artists in the field of fine and applied arts;

• Popularization of fine and applied arts, design, art history and museum work, preservation and restoration of traditions and schools;

• Discovery of young talents with high artistic potential, support of their interests and aspirations in the fine and applied arts, creation of conditions for the formation of a creative environment;

• Strengthening of international cultural relations, popularization of fine and applied arts of Uzbekistan and foreign countries, identification of interesting experimental forms in various art forms.


2. Places and Dates of the Festival:

Festival events take place at the following venues:

• Central Exhibition Hall, Fine Arts Gallery of Uzbekistan, Tashkent House of Photography, I. Hirayama International Caravanserai of Culture, and Museum of Oriental Miniatures named after K. Bekhzod.

Date of the event: In the second half of April, 2023 year (The exact dates of the Festival will be sent to e-mail of participants).


3. Participants of the Festival

• Professional artisans, artists, teachers and pupils (students) of educational institutions specialized in art education of any age, from all countries are eligible to participate in the Festival;

The creative project of the participants can be completed and presented both individually (by one participant) and collectively (by several participants, a curatorial project).

• Artists wishing to participate in the Festival must fill out an Application Form and send it to e-mail festivaldhv23@mail.ru (application form template is attached);

• Each artwork must be completely ready for exhibiting: label on the reverse side of the work, which displays - country, full name, author, technique, year of creation, dimensions. Ways of fastening for suspension, etc. must be provided;

• Participants of the Festival, on their own or through their legal representatives, send applications (at the first stage) and works (at the second stage) to the following address:

100029, Tashkent, st. Sh. Rashidova, 40;

Only after receiving approval for participation, the artwork can be delivered to the Festival Directorate;

• The Directorate of the Festival reserves the right to select works for participation.


Deadline for submitting applications for participation in the festival: until 00:00 (Tashkent time) March 15, 2023


Delivery time for works: until April 10, 2023.





4. Jury

The jury consists of highly qualified artists and masters of fine and applied arts.

The jury, according to the requirements of the Festival, will independently determine the criteria for selecting the works of the authors.


5. Prizes

Participants will be given certificates, gold, silver and bronze medals of the Festival with diplomas, as well as consolation prizes.

Other organizations, creative associations, foundations will be able to independently award talented authors with prizes.

The awarding ceremony for the participants of the Festival and the winners of creative competitions will held on the last day of the Festival in Tashkent.


6. Additional information

Disputes arising in connection with the processes of the Festival will be resolved in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In case of misunderstandings in the implementation of this Regulation, one should refer to the Uzbek version of the document.


7. Note

• Within the framework of the Festival will be organized: a round table with the participation of masters, art historians; master classes and presentations of exhibition projects;

There is no fee for participation in the Festival;

• Participation in the Festival automatically implies that the author gives permission for photo and video filming of his works in order to popularize the Festival;

• Within the framework of the Festival, the organizers do not cover the expenses for the stay, accommodation, and arrival of the participants. Sending works to the venues of the festival and back is carried out at the expense of the participants;

• Works sent cash on delivery or as cargo will not be accepted;

• The Directorate of the Festival has the right to make changes to this Regulation before the start of the Festival events.


Contact information of the Directorate of the Festival:

Address: 100029, Tashkent city, Sh.Rashidov Street, 40

Phone: +998 71-256-51-46

Email: festivaldhv23@mail.ru



Appendix 1

Application Form for participants of

The Annual International Festival of Fine and Applied Arts

Must be sent no later than 00:00 Tashkent time,

March 15, 2023

Applicant's full name:


Country of origin:


Name of organization/department:


Name of the project/work(s):


Year of creation:






Brief description of the project/work:


Photos of the proposed works for participation (electronic version):


Home address:


Phone, fax, e-mail:



*Note: Send completed Application form to the curator's mail with a scanned copy of an identity document valid until the end of the festival.