Namangan Flower festival looking forward to a May event

One of the largest annual flower festivals will take place in the Namangan region in the last week of May. It will run from May  24 to May 31 in the recreation park named after Zakhiriddin Muhammad Bobur. Many garden designers have already announced that they will take the unique opportunity to exhibit their work at the festival.

The Namangan Regional Department of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development works closely with industries, organizations, and wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributes to the organization of the flower festival in Uzbekistan. There is a great interest in gardens and nature among people now and the Namangan Flower Festival will provide an excellent opportunity to celebrate.

It is noted that in recent years the scale of the flower festival in Namangan has expanded, the number of participants, guests and foreign tourists has increased. Guests from South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, the Netherlands and neighboring countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are invited to take part in the festival. This colorful event will be covered not only by representatives of local media, but also by representatives of a number of foreign ones, including Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, India and Central Asian countries. Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Austria helps in publishing of articles and attracting tourists to the upcoming festival.

This festival is expected to help increase the tourist attractiveness of the Namangan region and build strong relationships between local and foreign tourists groups and agencies. This festival will provide an excellent opportunity for the Namangan region to show its tourism potential to the whole world.

More than 150 florists will take part in the event and the works of more than 100 companies and organizations will be exhibited. Note that for the first time in its history, 10 million seedlings will be planted at the upcoming Namangan Flower Festival. From year to year, the number of planted seedlings and flowers increases in the country significantly.

 The flower parade will take place on the central streets of Namangan city. The parade will be attended by over 150 local vehicles decorated with various colors and the national flag of Uzbekistan, which will move through the city of Namangan to the Bobur recreation park.

It should be noted that the Flower Festival is important not only to meet the aesthetic needs of the population, but also to decorate the city with goodness. Flower Festival, like other spring holidays, has an ethno-ecological aspect.

For the first time, the Festival was held in 1961 and showed people another rich assortment of plants and flowers, so this year the Namangan Flower Festival will be rather nostalgic.

We will be waiting for your visit to the Namangan’s “Flower Festival-2021”.