On April 13, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Syrdarya region to become familiar with construction activities carried out at places, the course of socio-economic reforms, major projects, as well to conduct dialogue with people.

Agricultural products grown today in Syrdarya region are in demand not only in domestic market, but also abroad.

Widespread introduction of cluster method on the initiative of the Head of the state is an important factor of achieving success in this industry. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with modern greenhouse, organized on the basis of hydroponics by the joint venture "Bek cluster" LLC in Mirzaabad district. Conversation with employees of the greenhouse was held.

The project of “Bek cluster” enterprise was presented last year during the visit of the President to this region. The project was approved and relevant resolution of the Head of the state was adopted. For the last short period, the enterprise began its activities on 18 thousand hectares of land allocated in Syrdarya region. Cotton, wheat and other crops are grown here. Modern equipment is purchased.

Multi-profile cluster will also include modern hydroponic greenhouses organized according to South Korean technology on 100 hectares of land in Mirzaabad district. It is envisaged to harvest and export products for 50 million dollars annually. Enterprises for production of yarn and denim fabric, cultivation of grapes, pomegranate garden were organized in Saykhunabad and Mirzaabad districts.

At the same time, it is envisaged to organize a scientific-practical center at the joint venture. There will be laboratories for soil analysis, biotechnologies and plant protection, cotton breeding and seed production, melon and vegetable seed production, plant genetics. The center will be aimed at increasing production of agricultural products, ensuring food security of the country. Most importantly, thousands of jobs will be created as a result of these projects.

The Head of the state gave instructions on localizing production of greenhouse structures, training specialists in fruit and vegetable production, improving activity of scientific-practical center organized under the cluster.

– We are unable to achieve expected yield of some crops due to the fact that we have ceased using scientific approaches in agriculture, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. – Therefore, we support activity of the scientific-practical center, which will begin its work at “Bek cluster” enterprise. Such centers should be established in other clusters as well. Today, it is necessary to be engaged in search of buyers of production. This is required by the current rapid time.

The President also inspected agricultural machinery.

The Head of the state drew attention to the information program created by specialists of “Social web solution” enterprise. This program is aimed at expanding e-trade, creating convenience for population in obtaining social services through Internet.

The President of the country noted the need for supporting program developers and expanding user access to it.

Presentation of projects were held on development of fish farming, cattle breeding, sericulture and tannery production in Syrdarya region, the state program of irrigation and land reclamation for 2018-2019, rice cultivation and effective use of rainfed and homestead lands, construction and reconstruction of irrigation networks.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke with entrepreneurs and foreign investors, gave instructions to responsible persons on improving efficiency of projects.


President of Uzbekistan inspected the indoor swimming pool in the specialized children's and youth school of water sports in Gulistan.

Specialized children's and youth sports school on water sports in Syrdarya region is organized in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On approval of the Regulations on the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Physical Culture and Sports" of March 16, 2017.

The complex consists of swimming pools with an area of 25x11 and 6x12.5 meters, swimming and for jumping into the water, a separate hall for jumping disciplines with a pool area of 12x10 meters and springboards 1,3 and 5 meters high. The hall is designed for 250 spectators. The complex is equipped with all necessary equipment, there is a medical center, a dining room, a gym. Modern equipment for cleaning and heating water is installed.

Currently, 176 boys and girls are trained in 14 groups.

The President gave instructions to responsible persons on further improving the activities of the complex.


President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, during his trip to Syrdarya region, visited the Center of Experts named after Alisher Navoi, organized in Gulistan.

The center began its work in the territory of reconstructed avenue on Islam Karimov Street. Necessary conditions are created here for meaningful leisure, a book and flower shops, special pavilions for readers are opened.

The Head of the state met with representatives of creative intelligentsia, the social sphere, youth of the region. Reforms taking place in the country, the events abroad were noted.

The reforms implemented today in various spheres of society are giving their high results. Commissioning of new enterprises and production facilities contributes to development of the economy, ensuring employment of the population.

– We have a lot to do to make people happy, – the President said. – As in all regions of the country, new enterprises need to be established in Syrdarya region, which will serve to increase employment and increase incomes of the population.

Speakers at the meeting expressed gratitude to the President for important decisions taken to support creative figures, increase knowledge and skills of youth.

The Center of Experts will become an important foundation for education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism, respect for national traditions and values, and harmoniously developed personalities.


President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his visit to Syrdarya region got acquainted with the progress of improvement of Tashkent Street, which is part of the 117-146-kilometer section of the M-34 "Tashkent – Dushanbe" highway.

Currently, activities on an indicative two-kilometer section of Tashkent Street have been completed. Separate pedestrian crossings and bicycle paths are organized, modern energy-saving road lighting facilities are installed and ornamental trees are planted along the sides.

– It is necessary to focus on construction of roadside infrastructure objects. They should complement each other and be based on a common concept, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. – Haste is unacceptable in road construction, the main thing is quality.

The Head of the state noted that railway barriers along the road should not interfere with road users.

Full implementation of the project will create facilities for pedestrians and drivers, bring the appearance of the city in accordance with modern architectural requirements, all roads of the region will be reconstructed on the model of Tashkent Street.

The visit of the Head of the state to Syrdarya region continues.


The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Uzbek-Russian joint venture "Sirdaryo mega luks" in Syrdarya region, where he got acquainted with projects on producing packaging products.

Consistent measures are being implemented on development of industry, expanding and ensuring the independence of the class of owners in the country. A number of enterprises producing export-oriented products are expanding as a result of comprehensive measures taken to support the localization of production, to increase the export potential of producers.

LLC "Sirdaryo mega luks" joint venture is among them.

The Head of the state has inspected the technological process at the enterprise, was interested in current projects and plans for the future.

At the joint venture organized in 2012, the packaging products for chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries, the sphere of processing agricultural products, trading companies which are engaged in export of raw materials are made of polypropylene granules.

The enterprise with the initial staff of 75 people currently produces 17 types of products and employs 650 people. Some of the products are delivered to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and the Baltic countries.

The enterprise intends to realize 7 promising projects worth 100 million dollars during 2018-2023. Among them – organization of production of polypropylene packing, soft containers for exporters, BOPP and CPP films for production of packaging products, localization of auxiliary raw materials and the materials imported from abroad. As a result of implementation of these projects, more than 2,5 thousand people will be employed. Operating at full capacity, the enterprise will begin to export production worth 125 million dollars per year and to release import-substituting goods worth 80 million dollars. Proposals are coming on purchase of production from the CIS countries, the European Union and Latin America.

The Head of the state was informed in detail about the projects. It was noted that new facilities will be equipped with modern technological equipment produced in Russia, the United States, Germany, Italy, Austria and other countries. The production will be located in the technopark, which is being built near the enterprise.

The President was interested in demand, geography of export of new types of products. Gave instructions and recommendations on promoting goods of Uzbekistan in foreign markets due to widespread introduction of innovative technologies in production.


Within the framework of the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Syrdarya region on April 13, an exhibition of industrial goods produced in the region, as well as projects aimed at development of the region’s industry, was held in the territory of “Sirdaryo mega luks” joint venture.

The geographic location of the region is convenient for fully exploiting the industrial and logistical potential of the region, attracting foreign investments, strengthening cooperation with foreign partners. There are 90 joint ventures operating in the region. They are implementing a number of projects such as organization of modern logistics centers, production of LED lamps, elevators and escalators, metal structures, leather processing, fruit, vegetable, and pharmaceutical products.

In 2018-2019, it is envisaged to implement a number of promising projects in chemical, food, light industry, agriculture and other industries due to attraction of direct foreign investments into the region. 14.6 thousand jobs will be created as a result of implementing 203 projects.

The Head of the state inspected containers under pressure and special equipment produced by “Ideal asr” enterprise. These containers are designed for storage and transportation of liquefied gas, convenient for providing gas to residents of remote settlements.

The President noted the need for providing installation of such containers in projects of construction of multi-storey houses, shopping centers, which will give a high economic effect.

LLC “Modern lift systems”, operating in Gulistan, plans to organize production of energy-saving elevators and escalators. This project will provide elevators for apartment buildings under construction in the country. 35 percent of the enterprise’s output, capable of collecting 500 elevators and 300 escalators a year, will be supplied abroad.

“Bakhromjon Nur Savdo” private enterprise started its activity in 2010 in the territory of “Yangiyer” small industrial zone. The enterprise, which produces mainly paint and varnish products and dry mixtures, develops new types of products. This year, the company started production of 30 kinds of sneakers. 163 workers are employed here.

Until now, sneakers have been mainly imported into the country from abroad. Products of the private enterprise will allow replacing import and start exporting.

– I said before that I am ready to support an entrepreneur in every possible way, who has created at least two jobs. Our compatriots, opening such enterprises for 100-200 jobs, are of great benefit to the country and at the same time occupy strong positions in the market. It is necessary to expand this project, to develop production of necessary materials entirely in our country. To do this, it is necessary to help entrepreneurs, allocate necessary funds, – said the Head of the state.


At the exhibition of industrial goods, which was organized within the framework of the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Syrdarya region, much attention by the President was paid to trays and pipes produced by “Crocus Uz compozite” enterprise from local raw materials. Products based on fiberglass, quartz sand and essential oils are much stronger, cheaper and more durable than concrete.

– This product is not only useful for Syrdarya region, but also for the whole country. Innovative approaches are very important for reducing water losses and increasing efficiency in agriculture. It is necessary to widely promote these products among farmers and dehkans, – said the Head of the country.

“Maker International Uzbekistan” enterprise in Bayaut district will obtain natural medicinal extract of marigolds. Under this project, it is envisaged to allocate a thousand hectares of land, where 30 thousand tons of these flowers will be grown. This volume is sufficient to produce 300 tons of extract. The plant stems will be used to feed cattle.

As a result of implementation of this project, medicines in the amount of 10 million dollars will be produced annually. 200 people will be permanently employed and more than 1000 people will be provided with seasonal jobs. China, the USA, Spain, Mexico and European countries are promising markets for this product.

It is possible to receive profit up to 5 thousand dollars from each hectare of marigolds plantation. The plant extract strengthens immune system, lowers blood pressure, has antiviral properties. Initiators of the enterprise are planning to broaden obtaining semi-finished products and establish production of finished medicines.

The President of the country instructed to expand the area of plantations of marigolds by 2 thousand hectares, to bring their total area up to 5 thousand hectares at the expense of other regions and to increase the volume of exports.

During the presentation, the Head of the state was also informed about production project of sanitary ware, brass valves, fittings, ceramic plates, door locks at “AWP” joint venture, which is part of “Peng Sheng” complex in Syrdarya region.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions on creating more jobs, attracting additional foreign investments for production of products from local raw materials.

On the same day, a meeting with participation of the region’s activists was held at children’s music and art school No.8 in Saykhunabad district. At the meeting, issues of development of the region’s economy, improvement of the spheres of education, healthcare and employment of the population were discussed.

Thereupon, the visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Syrdarya region ended.