President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the progress of construction of Tashkent City International Business Center. 

Tashkent City International Business Center, built on 80 hectares between the streets of Alisher Navoi, Almazar, Islam Karimov and Furkat, will become one of such modern “Cities of the Future”. In accordance with the project, business centers, shopping complexes, hotels, offices, a congress hall, exhibition halls, multi-storey modern houses, social and other facilities will be built here. 

“Tashkent City” will become a new city 

Currently, the construction of a congress hall and a modern hotel is under way in the territory of “Tashkent City”, at an accelerated pace. 

The congress hall is intended for holding international events at a high level, so far foreign builders and engineers are installing piles and laying the foundation on the basis of Jet grouting technology. 4 thousand 100 such piles will be installed in total. Their total length will reach 50 kilometers. 

“Tashkent City” will become a new city 

Twenty-storey five-star hotel will embody the most modern conveniences and comfort. It will be equipped with halls for conducting prestigious conferences, restaurants, lounges, swimming pools. Bоth buildings will be connected by a special bridge. 

The President, getting acquainted with projects, noted the need for building these constructions on the basis of the latest technologies and examples of architecture. 

“Tashkent City” will become a new city 

– Tashkent City should become a new city within the city, fully reflecting the whole potential of Uzbekistan, developing at a high pace, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. 

The Head of the state gave instructions on construction acceleration, ensuring commissioning of constructions in August, 2019.