Territorial training seminars are being conducted in Tashkent Region on issues of raising precinct electoral commission members’ knowledge about laws and the effective work organization of these commissions. 

Members of district and precinct electoral commissions, representatives of the territorial regional department of the independent institute for monitoring civil society formation and leaders of the organizational monitoring groups of district and town hokimiyats (governorates) are attending these seminars. 

In the territory of Tashkent electoral district No 10, there are 876 precinct electoral commissions, and 8 thousand 173 members of these commissions have been confirmed. Work is being done in accordance with a strict schedule to make sure that all the members of these precinct electoral commissions attend the seminars and to ensure the effectiveness of propagation events. 

“Attention is drawn to making sure that at every seminar, the number of its participants does not exceed 200. As a result of this, the events are productive in every respect with lots of interesting questions and answers. Experienced experts are giving information about record-keeping, the equipping of polling stations, the compilation of voter lists and making changes to them if necessary, early voting and voting on election day and the promulgation of the electoral legislation among voters,” says M.Yoldosheva, deputy chairperson of Tashkent district electoral commission No 10. 

Speeches are heard on such themes as “the rights and authority of precinct electoral commission members”, “the significance of the institution of observers in this important political process” and “the role of mass media in ensuring the transparency of electoral processes”.