1. It is recommended to visit separately by men and women, follow order and line.

2. On visiting shrines in all religions it is necessary to cover shoulders and legs. Kindly wear appropriate clothes and headdress which would be genuine politeness and respect to the Sacred and delicate courtesy to national culture.

3. It is prohibited to step and sit on tombs, speak loudly, laugh and make noise. It is advised to speak in low voice.

4. It is necessary to keep shrines in absolute cleanness. It is strictly prohibited to cook and eat food, listen to music, rest, sleep, smoke, drink alcohol, etc.

5. It is prohibited to put money on tombs. Money (as means of charity) must be put into special charity boxes.

6.      Sacred shrines and buildings are great treasure of our nation, extraordinary sightseeing of our Motherland, invaluable masterpiece of national spirituality and cultural values. For this reason it is the sacred obligation of every person and citizen of our country to preserve them well in order to pass to the next generation.