PRODEXPO-2017: Uzbekistan signs contracts for US$74m

Companies of Uzbekistan signed agreements for US$74 million to supply fresh and processed agriculture products within the International exhibition of food, drinks and raw materials PRODEXPO-2017, which was held in Moscow, Russia, on 6-10 February.

Representatives of trade networks, processing companies and individuals visited the stand of Uzbekistan. The visitors tasted Uzbek fresh, processed and dry fruits and vegetables.

Uzbek companies held negotiations with representatives of the foreign companies to discuss establishment of mutual beneficial long-term relations on organization of supply of fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan.

Uzbek companies reached agreements on establishing of cooperation with large importers from Mongolia and Vietnam. These markets are new for fresh, processed and dried fruits and vegetables, as well as beans.

Within the framework of the international exhibition, the Uzbek delegation held meetings with the representatives of such companies as Honkong Line Trading CO LTD (China) Ltd, Metro Cash and Carry (Kazakhstan), Eurotorg (Belarus), Chelny-Hleb, SPAR Tula (Russia), IPSUN (Lithuania), Happy Fruits (Mongolia), and others.

In the result of meetings, the Uzbek companies signed export agreements for the supply of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products worth US$74 million.

(Source: UzDaily.com)