President visits “Ishga Markhamat” Monocenter

Necessary conditions are created in Uzbekistan for development of entrepreneurship and training unemployed citizens.
The activity of “Ishga Markhamat” Monocenter, opened in September 2019 in Yashnabad district, is also oriented toward this activity. 22 working professions are taught here in construction, consumer services, technique and engineering. Necessary machine tools, imitations and other training aids have been installed. The center is able to train 5.6 thousand people a year.
Visitors to the institution can receive advice on employment issues. Unemployed are offered jobs. Citizens in need of social protection can be employed on a quota.
Those wishing to engage in activities requiring professional qualifications are involved in training courses and those intending to work abroad are studying foreign languages.
The center offers short-term courses in English, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian.
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with conditions created here, talked with masters of production training and youth.

It was noted that such centers are very important for quickly mastering the professions in demand, the need for organizing such institutions in each district of Tashkent and other areas on the basis of empty colleges and other buildings was noted.
Instructions were given on securing professional courses for specialized universities, attracting highly qualified teachers, as well as organizing evening courses.