Training seminars are being conducted in the Bunyodkor TV complex in Tashkent dedicated to the learning of international experience concerning election processes.

Journalists of non-governmental television and radio broadcasting associations are taking part in the campaign organized by The National Association of Electronic Mass Media (NAEMM) and the representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Training is being conducted by the leading experts from Germany as Rene Falkner who is the president of the Federative association of television broadcaster of the Federal Republic of Germany and an eminent independent journalist Birgit Wetzel.

Rene Falkner is planning to share with her international practice related to preparation of broadcast programs in the format of popular rated talk shows with the appliance of technical decisions with other

“During the seminars we talk about the role of talk-shows in the enlightenment of the elective campaign, different formats and broadcasting solutions. Technical opportunities acquire a great importance in this matter. First of all, I will highlight a new broadcasting studio the National Association of Electronic Mass Media which meets all modern international standards. As I have found out, similar broadcasting studios have already appeared in ten regions of the country and they have been combined with a fibre-optic cable that enables to conduct a seminar in the capital and, meanwhile, be present in online-conferences in all broadcasting studios across the republic. We have also watched preview for the talk-show about a election process which is quite interesting and rich in facts in my opinion,” Rene Falkner said.

During four days under Birgit Wetzel’s guidance, the participants of the training seminars, the journalists of different broadcasting studios are learning and trying to put in practice advanced methods of filling the live broadcast with new creative TV programs. They will learn how to employ nonstandard means of conveying information to attract a larger amount of broadcasting listeners. The result of the seminar will become the creation of a special daily broadcasting program “Election Diary”.

“I am glad that I am conducting lessons related to the elections with young journalists. Our sole aim with the Uzbek colleagues is connected with the preparation of qualitative media content and qualified complete broadcasting information related to the chosen themes.  The participants of the seminar are the youth and it inspires me. I often visit Uzbekistan and see that young journalists’ skills are being honed year by year”, Birgit Wetzel said.

Tomas Kunze, the head representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for Central Asia, has expressed hope that the seminars will make their own contribution in a professional enlightenment of the Uzbekistan Presidential Elections which are scheduled for December 4. He emphasized that German specialists would be glad not only to conduct training seminars for the representatives of media youth, but also exchange experience with Uzbek colleagues.

These seminars are only the first swallows in the sequence of educational trainings which The National Association of Electronic Mass Media is planning to conduct with the aim of increasing journalists’ professional level related to the issues concerning the enlightenment of the president’s elections with support from international organizations.